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Yieldnodes : Satisfaction des utilisateurs sur Trustpilot







Plus de 8% de gains en Avril. Plutôt stable et sympathique.

Quelques témoignages Trust Pilot:


« Que du bonheur ! Cette entreprise répond parfaitement à mes objectifs de placement : sécurité et rentabilité sont au rendez vous. Les intérêts sont versés tous les mois et Cela fait déjà quelques temps que j’ai pu tester leur services et notamment leur SAV.
Rigueur et professionnalisme. Je recommande vivement cette entreprise. »


« I have been with YN for slightly over a year and enjoyed the 7+% returns every month. I have also made multiple deposits and withdrawals without issue.

All questions have been answered quickly and professionally. Wish I had found this much sooner »


« Greetings
Some info for anyone thinking of joining Yield
Nodes but hanging back or having doubts about the legitimacy of Yield Nodes
My personal experience with Yield Nodes SPANS MORE THAN 18 MONTHS NOW.
I have found YN to be one of the very best models for investments out in crypto land

You will be involved with a great team and Steve as the CEO works hard to to ensure an honest and genuine investment opportunity where the investor does very little whilst the team get on with the job and work their magic .
Of course that is only my opinion and experience to date so all must do their own research.
My journey over quite a long period has been smooth with all commitments delivered on time every time as promised.
Be sure if you invest to stay with in your comfortable limits as it is the Wild West out in crypto land. »


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